Hunting for sustainable food

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April 18, 2023

Hunting has been a part of human life for thousands of years. Earlier, it was a means of survival, but now it’s considered a recreational activity. Hunting still has the power to provide sustainable food options and promote ethical hunting practices. More people are turning to hunting as a way to feed themselves and their families with organic, locally-raised meat. Here is everything you need to know about hunting for sustainable food and ethical hunting practices.

Understanding Sustainable Hunting

Sustainable hunting is a practice that ensures that the hunt does not negatively impact the species’ population or its environment. With proper management, hunting is an effective tool for managing wildlife populations, which can become overpopulated and cause severe harm to other native species.

Sustainable hunting means targeting overpopulated species and unhealthy animals, keeping the species’ remaining population healthy and stable. A responsible hunter also considers the animal’s diet, habitat, and behavior to prevent population depletion.

Ethical Hunting Practices

Hunting is not just about taking down the biggest animal. There are ethics involved that make hunting a humane activity. Here are some ethical hunting practices that you can adopt:

Avoid Over-Hunting: Over-hunting can harm the animal species and the environment it relies on. Plan your hunt to avoid overhunting. Plan how much meat you will need during the year and keep it as an objective.

Harvest Humanely: The correct use of hunting gear ensures a quick kill, minimizing animal suffering. Poorly placed shots can cause the animal to suffer, and that is not ethical.

Respect All Creatures: Ethical hunters respect all creatures, not only the animals being hunted. They respect habitats and other natural elements. For example, keep your dog on a leash when walking in the forest and mountains from May to July.

Practice Proper Disposal: Proper disposal of hunting waste is an essential step in ethical hunting. After the kill, a responsible hunter should properly field dress the animal and dispose of any waste appropriately. Learn how to butcher and cook the meat to avoid losses and to get the most out of the venison.

Obey Laws: Following legal requirements is vital in ethical hunting. Regulations are in place to protect animals and their environment.

Benefits of Sustainable Hunting

Sustainable hunting can provide organic, low-fat protein at a lower cost than commercially produced meat. Additionally, hunting can reduce the pressure on livestock production and decrease the environmental impact of factory farming. As I say in almost all my articles, ask yourself about the origin of the meat you eat.

Hunting also promotes an appreciation for nature and conservation efforts. It teaches self-sufficiency and a connection to food that you may not get with processed meat.

“The Carbon Food Calculator on the Vegan Society’s website, for example, suggests game meat is responsible for 6.53kg CO2e/kg, which is less than a third of untrimmed beef’s 23.43kg CO2e/kg. It’s also significantly less than cheese, which is said to be responsible for 12.27kg CO2e/kg, meaning swapping a beef burger for a wild venison burger is a more climate-friendly option than opting for halloumi or a vegetarian option with cheese.”

Why Wild Venison Is a Sustainable Meat by Robert Gooch

Hunting for sustainable food can offer an alternative to factory-farmed meat, reduce carbon footprint and promote responsible animal stewardship. Ethical hunting practices ensure that hunting remains a humane and sustainable activity. By following responsible hunting practices, we can enjoy healthy and organic meat while promoting conservation efforts.

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