The best food comes from the most memorable and ethical hunting

A hunter’s code of ethics

  • Support conservation efforts and work to protect wildlife and their habitats
  • Share knowledge and skills with others and mentor new hunters
  • Continuously improve hunting skills
  • Help other hunters in need
  • Only take what you need and avoid wastefulness or excess
  • Respect the meat and share it with friends and family
  • Follow proper gun safety procedures and wear appropriate safety gear
  • Never cause undue suffering or prolong the death of an animal
  • Respect the older hunters

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Reflecting on lessons learned in the 2023 hunting season

November 28, 2023 | Hunting stories, Top 10

The pursuit of game in the wild isn’t merely a pastime; it’s a classroom where each expedition teaches invaluable lessons. As the 2023 hunting season unfolds, it becomes apparent that the experiences gathered in the wild extend far beyond just the harvest. These lessons not only refine hunting skills but also nurture a deeper understanding […]