The hunter Paradox

November 7, 2022

Most hunters are passionate about nature and wildlife. In practice, this means they take time to learn, observe and study that ecosystem during all seasons of the year.

Despite this, theres a question that non-hunters ask us a lot: “Why do you kill animals if you love nature and wildlife?”

To be honest, I think this question is completely legitimate. At first glance, it looks like a paradox but if you look closer, there are simple and honest answers to this question.

Hunting is a personal experience. Therefore the answers I provide here are based on my own feelings and experiences; I don’t speak for all hunters. The motivation that brings you to the hunting world can have multiple origins such as family, tradition, education, and more.

So with no further ado, here are my personal reasons that explain this hunter Paradox:


1) The hunter’s role in the ecosystem


The first reason is quite simple. We humans decided to take advantage of the earth with agriculture, tourism, leisure, settlement, and transportation. Most of these infrastructures and transformations are “essentials” or “useful” for our life. But these changes have direct consequences for the ecosystem. Our ways of life add pressure to animals, forcing them to constantly move which can have many negative impacts on them. It makes them weaker and more exposed to sickness, hunger, and death.

This is why hunters play an important role in this ecosystem. We have the mission to regulate species. This means that during the hunting season, a certain contingent of animals has to be collected. This assures a “natural balance” between the species and gives more chances to weaker or younger animals to survive.

Let’s face it, it’s also a paradox that some people don’t want hunters to kill animals but want to go skiing or mountain biking for example.

A world without regulation is possible only if there are no modifications by men. This is also the reason why some countries created animal sanctuaries or wildlife reserves.


2) I am a hunter-gatherer and a meat eater


Most people are meat eaters, but the important aspect is where people get their meat.

You have three main choices: to go to the supermarket and buy meat; to raise your own animals (like cows) to produce meat; to go hunting to get your own meat.

The first solution is not sustainable, it pollutes by putting profit in front of everything. I don’t take into consideration the fact that you can get meat directly from the farmer. It’s one of the best solutions but if we are honest, not a lot of people do it.

The second possibility is impossible for me as I live in a flat and I do not have any knowledge about raising farm animals.

The solution I found to get the most qualitative and sustainable meat is to hunt. This process is harder than going to the supermarket but it will assure me that the meat I eat will be traceable. Am I a killer because I choose to not get my meat from the supermarket?


3) The simple life I want to live


We live in a world with a lot of “noise”. Technology has improved a lot of things in our daily life, but the downside is the fact that we are less focused on what we should be as human beings. Moreover, we chase goals that are not linked to our DNA. Instead of chasing good health, happiness, family life, and relationships with other people, we decide to chase money, fame, and power. That’s not how I want to live anymore.

I need a simple life and hunting is part of it.

The activity brings me a lot of satisfaction as a human. Getting your own food is quite an epic feeling in a world where everything can be ordered with a click. It reminds me that not so long ago, people had to work with their hands to bring food to the table.

If you want a good source of inspiration to keep your life simple check out this video with Phil Robertson.


4) The unique journey


Going in nature is always a great source of adventure. Hunting is a step more. It gives you the unique opportunity to explore, discover, and take paths that you will never follow.

Every hunt is a unique experience that will bring you back to what we’re made for. I only feel and experience this kind of unique journey with hunting. The challenge behind the fact that you are gathering an animal to provide you food, completely changes the aspect of this journey. It’s not only hiking anymore; it’s about you, nature, and the fact that your way to eat is directly connected to it.


5) The eternal question


Every time I kill an animal, I ask myself if it’s worth it. This isn’t a question that you answer just once and consider it done. I know people that have hunted for 20 years and suddenly stopped overnight. I take it as a curse, but a good one. It’s healthy to ask yourself if it’s normal to kill animals, even if it is to provide you with meat. Maybe one day I will stop hunting because I lost the purpose of it.

These questions are like a direct link to life itself. We live in a period where most people live their lives behind screens. We let artificial intelligence find answers for us. Personally, I feel that these types of questions keep my feet on the ground and let me be a human.

In the end, I think that there will always be a rupture between hunters and people that do not understand why we kill animals. The debate is quite necessary and interesting to have. We just need to keep it smart, respectful, and useful. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The only good example I can give you is this interaction between Steven Rinella and a Vegan. It’s a pure ideology exchange full of respect. Let’s take an example of that.


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