10 essentials items to carry for hunting

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October 10, 2022

I’m a huge fan of gears and gadgets. I have a tendency to buy everything regarding the passions I have. As hunting is the biggest one, you can probably imagine how many items I have related to it. There is so much stuff you can buy in the market that you can get easily lost.

By experience, hunting hardware depends on you and the type of hunt you will perform. Most of the stuff I bought came from someone who told me to buy it (youtube, blogs, contacts). In the end, I use only 5% of them. When you hunt you need to be light and agile. You don’t have time to use useless gadgets.

So here is my exhaustive list of essential items you need to carry for hunting.


1) A power bank


Having an energy source with you is a matter of security. In case of an accident or if you’re lost in the mountains, you need to be able to call someone or localize yourself. As our smartphones are often low on battery, having an energy source is a must.

Most of the power banks have flashlight features than can also be more than useful.

My advice is to buy a “military grade” product, which means you’ll be able to use it in any weather, temperature, and terrain.

I use the Xstorm Solar Power Bank Charger and I’m more than happy with it.


2) Multiple pairs of binoculars


This sounds pretty obvious, but it is important to mention it. I’ve tried to hunt without them and I’ve always regretted it. The most important part is to get the right product for your use. Don’t listen to other people. Binoculars are a personal choice.

I strongly recommend getting at least two pairs. One for a long-distance hunt (more than 150 meters), and one for a short distance (less than 100 meters). The one for the long distance will be heavier but will have more features as a laser range finder. The other pair will be much lighter.

For long distances, I have: Vortex Fury HD 10×42

For short distances, I use: Zeiss Terra ED 8×32


3) Items that keep you warm


When hunting, you’ll need to deal with the cold most of the time. This is why you need items to help you to stay warm. I’m not only speaking about gear like jackets or pants. There are many items that exist to help you. Here’s an article about the essential items to keep you warm during the hunt.

My favorite item that I always take with me is: Deerhunter heat jacket


4) A knife that can cut everything


Gutting an animal on the field is not always simple and can be a source of accidents. This is why you need a knife dedicated to this specific process. They have thicker blades which are easier and safer to manipulate. A knife has to be versatile as you also need to butcher the animal, cut the food in the base camp, and sometimes cut ropes.

Here is my main knife during the season: the Solognac X7 hunting knife.


5) Wind detector


I’ve been using a wind detector for only one year and it’s a game changer for me. Being able to see wind direction at any moment is quite useful. Funny fact: smokers use the smoke from their cigarettes. It works, but at what cost?

I use the Rivolier Wind detector 2 oz.


6) Scent killer kit


Quite the same as the wind detector, it is a piece of kit that can improve the hunt a lot. You can buy the full pack and get the field spray, field washcloths, laundry bombs, and much more. Don’t wash your clothes with traditional soap, you will smell good but for wildlife, you will stink.

I recommend: Dead Down Wind™ Super Slam Kit


7) Military notepad


We all have smartphones to take notes but on the field it can be tricky to use them. With a field notepad (military notepad) you can write everything without worrying about rain or mud. I also use it to write my optic settings.

This is the kind of product I recommend: Rite In The Rain Weatherproof Side Spiral Notebook


8) A rope


In mountains, a rope is always useful. First for your security, then to bring back the animal. It can also be useful for your car, at the base camp, and more.

You can buy a specific hunting rope, but I recommend a mountain rope (like a dynamic rope).


9) Trauma first aid kit


This is something that can save you during an accident. I strongly recommend a trauma kit in case you have a rifle accident. Having the kit is a good start but as a gun owner, you should be able to use it correctly. They are classes you can participate in to learn how to use them.

I recommend the: MediTac Premium IFAK Kit


10) Game bags


This is something we don’t use a lot in Switzerland as we don’t butcher the animal on the field. But for small game like rabbits, this is the product you need. You can also use them as laundry bags or food bags.

I use the: Kuiu hunting game bags

As you can see, most of the items are related to security because as hunters, we need to be safe on the field and to be able to secure or save someone as soon as possible.

In the end, only take items that are essential for you. Don’t get trapped by all the marketing around the hunting industry. Going on the field is the best way to know what you need.

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